Company Overview

BROKERAGE HOUSE (BH) is a full-service, dedicated and highly-professional Business Brokerage House, specializing in completing transactions from smaller “Main Street” < $1M/yr. in revenues, to mid-market and larger firms in the Mergers & Acquisitions arena > $1M/yr. in revenues.

In addition, as part of our services, BH offers expert advice in proper Valuation and Market Positioning to prepare a business to be sold quickly, smoothly and for maximum value. BH will strategically and professionally provide the following services:

Safeguard confidential engagements.

• Provide proper market valuation.

• Qualify all prospects.

• Lead the generation of formal and acceptable Offers to Purchase.

• Engage the closing attorney while being a proficient intermediary throughout the closing process, while ensuring both the             Buyer’s and Seller’s satisfaction while sealing the deal at the closing table.
BROKERAGE HOUSE Services and Resources