About Us 

Ben Haines
The Founder of BROKERAGE HOUSE  and its Senior Advisor & Business Broker is Ben Haines. He is a Greensboro, NC native and is one of 10 children of the attorney and Judge Ben Haines and Margie Haines, who remains a very prominent and dynamic member of the community.  Ben graduated from The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where his interest and dedication to the Mergers & Acquisitions field began.  Because he has been immersed in this industry and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of BH, this is the reason why he is responsible for a high close ratio, outstanding client reviews and continues to maintain his relationships, as many clients return over the years trusting and valuing Ben’s expertise.

Ben and BROKERAGE HOUSE will continue their dedication and commitment to provide their clients first-class service.